Partial Dentures

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Partial Dentures

Partial Dentures services offered in Yakima and Richland, WA

If you’re missing some of your natural teeth or need an extraction, turn to Apex Denture Studio in Yakima and Richland, Washington. Experienced denturist Jason Alsbury, LD, and his team offer partial dentures customized to your needs and desired results. Schedule an evaluation by phone or online today to determine if partial dentures are right for you.

What are partial dentures?

Partial dentures are designed for clients who are missing just some of their natural permanent teeth or need extraction for certain teeth. Partial dentures are the perfect solution for preventing your teeth from shifting or experiencing strain on any remaining natural teeth and your jaw. 

Multiple styles of partial dentures to choose from include those featuring metal frameworks and claps, and partials with precision attachments that meet budgetary needs and your aesthetic goals. 

What are the different types of partial dentures?

Various types of partial dentures exist, including:

Cast partial dentures

Cast partial dentures are made of durable, lightweight materials. They are beautiful, strong, and long-lasting, and you can remove them from your mouth whenever needed. Dr. Alsbury customizes the dentures to perfectly conform to your mouth.

Flexible partial dentures

Flexible partial dentures are made of softer, more flexible material and have more give than cast partial dentures. They better withstand falls and likely won’t crack when dropped. Flexible partial dentures don’t require metal or adhesives. 

Implant-retained partial dentures

Implant-retained partial dentures bond to metal posts placed in your jawbone. They’re either removable or fixed in place.

You might first need tooth extraction before you receive partial dentures. 

Am I a candidate for partial dentures?

To determine which partial dentures are right for you, and which type is best, the Apex Denture Studio team examines your mouth and teeth, discusses your cosmetic dental goals, and reviews your oral health history. They personalize a plan that offers flawless, long-lasting, highly effective results.

What should I expect when receiving partial dentures?

What you can expect when receiving partial dentures depends on the type you’re a candidate for. Dr. Alsbury may take a mold of your mouth or digitally scan it to create custom-fitted partial dentures.

If you choose implant-retained dentures, you first undergo a minor surgical procedure to insert metal posts into your jawbone before receiving partial dentures. Interim dentures allow you to avoid living with missing teeth while waiting for your permanent dentures. 

The Apex Denture Studio experts ensure the new dentures fit comfortably and correctly. They explain how to properly care for them at home, and follow up with you whenever needed.

To learn more about partial dentures and determine if you’re a candidate for them, schedule an evaluation at Apex Denture Studio by phone or online today.